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My guest today is Trevor Longino, Founder of CrowdTamers. CrowdTamer, leader, and growth content marketing thinker. FI Mentor since 2017. His mission is to help 1,000 founders make more than $1MM in annual revenue.

His key achievements are impressive!

– Oversaw growth of 15 companies to grow them from $0 to $3MM+ in annual revenue
– Built 12 high-achieving international teams of marketers from scratch at different companies
– Generated more than $50MM in revenue for companies he has lead marketing & revenue at

Here’s what we talked about:
00:00 – Intro
02:51 – First attempt at launching a business
07:02 – How to de-risk marketing
10:39 – Pirate metrics funnel
14:11 – Minimum viable marketing sprints
22:29 – Can marketers analyze and fix their own problems?
27:55 – Prove to founders that you know the market
40:09 – What are the first signs of a product-market fit?
50:23 – Outro

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